About the OKIC


The Ohio Kentucky and Indiana Cachers are the premier group of geocachers in the Cincinnati area. We were formed in May of 2003 and our first official meeting was in June of that year. Our membership is made up of of people all over the tri-state area from Dayton to Northern Kentucky and west into Indiana.

Our Philosophy

With the rise in popularity of geocaching, and restrictions being placed on public lands, O.K.I.C. recognizes that a positive relationship with our local and state land management officials will be beneficial to the survival of our sport. No single solution will suffice in meeting these requirements. In order to facilitate such an undertaking, it is necessary to first establish a means of communication and discussion, both among fellow geocachers, and land management officials. Secondly, but of equal importance, is education for all concerned.


Mission Statement

Our goal is to serve as a forum for communication between geocachers in the Tri-State Area (Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana), the general public, and land management officials, in an effort to promote the sport of geocaching as an approved and desirable activity in our parks and other public places.


O.K.I.C. Steering Committee

The members of the OKIC Steering Committee have been elected to serve as a medium to discuss any issues in local geocaching and to uphold the Mission Statement of O.K.I.C.


Club Policies

Electing Steering Committee

The Steering Committee elections will be held every June during a general meeting. The voters will consist of each individual OKIC member who shows up at the meeting.

Council Duties
  1. Oversee operations of Steering Committee.
  2. Moderate Steering committee meetings.
  3. To be a liaison between OKIC and other geocaching related groups, i.e. geocaching.com
  4. Assist other Committee members with their duties.
  5. Perform as a tie-breaker in committee voting.
  6. To listen to geocaching related concerns of OKIC members.
  1. Write an Agenda for the next meeting at least 1 week before the meeting and submit them to the webmaster for publication.
  2. Write meeting minutes and submit them to the web master with 1 week of any meeting.
  3. Follow up with parks to thank them for letting us use their facilities.
Event Coordinator
  1. The event coordinator organizes multiple events or gatherings through out the year to promote camaraderie among geocachers or to provide service to the community.
  2. Coordinate park contacts with Park Liaison
  3. Set up events
  4. Coordinate clean up efforts
  5. Coordinate Sponsorship or donations for the events
Park Liaison
    To enhance geocaching and to progress it as an activity within the SW Ohio/ Northern Kentucky/ SE Indiana area by:
  1. Liasing with local and state land-owning bodies.
  2. Negotiating mutually beneficial guidelines with fore-mentioned bodies so that caching on park land is approved and encouraged.
  3. Helping all associates to enjoy the activity without falling foul of the civil and criminal laws of the land.
  4. Establishing good caching practices by accepting advice from land, environmental, archaeological and historical bodies.
  5. Acting as intermediaries and be the first point of call for all interested parties in our area.
  6. Seek positive and appropriate publicity opportunities for the promotion of geocaching.
  7. Developing a definitive set of geocaching guidelines specific to our area.
  8. Developing a reference system to summarise laws and other issues which impact geocaching.
Other Contributors
Webmaster Create and maintain a website for usage of the OKIC to perform the following functions:
  1. Forum for discussion of organizational issues
  2. Posting of minutes
  3. Posting of agenda
  4. Announcing OKIC Events
  5. Providing a medium to communicate with Steering Committee members and for Steering Committee members to the organization
  6. Listing organization rules and policies
  7. Working with other members to acquire up-to-date information
  8. Agenda and Minutes from Secretary
  9. Club policies from Park Liaison, Mentor